Kyowa Audit Corporation

With our professional knowledge and abundant experience, we do efficient and accurate audit service.

We provide various consulting service from the client’s perspective.

Business Policy

  1. Audit Service

    Our audit service is wide-ranging, from “statutory audits” based on such laws and regulations as the financial instruments and exchange Act or corporate Act , as well as actively pursuing “voluntary audits” which are implemented for various purposes.

    Our clients are diverse, from various companies in the manufacturing and service industries, as well as incorporated educational institutions and consumer’s cooperatives. By utilizing our know-how accumulated through such service, we have established the staff and organization to respond quickly to a wide range of businesses. The staff in charge of a client services to grasp the activity environment, eliminates unnecessary formal procedures, and offers the optimum service matching the client’s needs.

  2. Consulting Service

    Consulting service, unlike audit service, contributes to the development of an efficient and effective corporation from the standpoint of management. As professional accountants, we offer high-quality support in such areas as giving advice and helping with policy planning for management rationalization, investigating management problems requested by the client, and providing pragmatic advice and guidance.

    We also have tax experts who can offer accurate tax strategies.

Business Outline

  1. Audit Service

    1. Statutory audit (based on laws and regulations, etc.)

      1. Financial statement and internal control audit based on the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and quarterly review
      2. Corporate Act audit (Corporations with capital of more than 500 million yen or total liabilities of more than 20 billion yen)
      3. School corporation audit (Such as school corporations receiving subsidies from national and local governments)
      4. Co-op audit
      5. Labor union audit
    2. Voluntary audits

      1. Financial statement audit of non-statutory audit
      2. Audit related to IPO pursuant to the Financial Exchange Act
      3. Audit service for Public Interest Incorporated Association/Foundation, General Incorporated Association/Foundation, Social welfare corporation, authorized NPO, Medical corporation, Religious corporation
      4. Audit service related to mergers, transfer of business, business acquisitions
      5. Audit of English financial statement
      6. Internal audit (Partial or whole work of corporate internal audit department).
      7. Other audit
  2. Consulting Service

    1. Comprehensive analysis of corporate management based on financial statement
    2. Advice and guidance on building and improving internal control system
    3. Introducing accounting standards to new public corporation and corresponding support services
    4. Accounting guidance and support services to various non-profit corporations
    5. Stock valuation service
    6. Financial due diligence service
    7. Advisory services relating to corporate restructuring
    8. IPO support services
    9. IFRS- related services
    10. Fraud investigation, etc.

Kyowa Tax Corporation

As a tool for financial and management strategies, we can contribute to the best decision-making.

We have decades of trusting relationships with our clients – proof that they value our support and they want to grow with us. We will give our total support by utilizing the 80-plus years of know-how we have accumulated.

Business Policy

  1. Accounting Service

    Accounting is an indispensable tool to understand a corporation. We will prepare accurate financial statements to help with management strategies.

  2. Advisory Service

    Businesses are expected to challenge new management strategies during these turbulent times of ever-changing personal values and innovation. For problems related to corporate management, in response to consultations, we will propose the best plan for the company sensitive to the times as financial experts.

  3. Tax Management

    Our perspective is to think of corporate and individual “tax” in terms of maximizing the after-tax long-term benefits. As tax experts, we will answer your various questions as a whole, from corporate management to personal property. Furthermore, we will explain wide-ranging complicated tax laws in easy terms and propose better measures and policies.

  4. Business Succession Measures

    For smooth business succession, we have established a system whereby we can consult you from all aspects, both companies and individuals. We can support your decision-making process by doing an inheritance simulation.

Business Outline

  1. Accounting Service
    1. Preparation of financial statements
    2. Introducing and improving accounting systems
      1. Accounting voucher system
      2. Monthly closing
      3. Management by department
      4. Cost accounting
      5. Internal control
      6. Accounting system installation support
      7. Accounting rules
    3. Non-profit Organizations
      1. Preparation of financial statements of Public Interest Incorporated Association/Foundation.
      2. Preparation of financial statements of General Incorporated Association/Foundation
      3. Preparation of financial statements of Co-ops
      4. Preparation of financial statements of Medical corporations
      5. Preparation of financial statements of Religious corporations
  2. AS Business (Advisory Service)
    1. Management Strategy
    2. Establishment and dissolution of company
    3. Reorganization of company
    4. Research related to corporate reorganization or civil rehabilitation
    5. Shareholder measures
    6. Establishment and transition of public corporation
  3. Tax Management
    1. Tax returns
      1. Corporate tax
      2. Income tax
      3. Consumption tax
      4. Inheritance tax
      5. Other taxes
    2. Tax consultation
    3. Tax planning
    4. Inheritance tax measures
    5. Tax audit assistance
  4. Business Succession Measures
    1. Establishment of smooth business succession environment
    2. Property valuation and related planning
    3. Transfer of property (gift before death, settlement taxation of inheritance)
    4. Securing funds (life insurance, retirement allowance)
    5. Prevention of inheritance problems (executing will, etc.)
    6. Tax saving measures based on asset portfolio
    7. Real estate management plan
    8. Effective uses of financial instruments


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